Get a Download and Print Quote

Are you tired of piecing together tiled plans? Wish you had a printer that can handle your needs and not fund his next jet engine project off of you?!?

We can print your plans on a variety of paper and ship the plans to your door at a price that won’t get you in trouble with your spouse. Hey, we can even take tiled plans and put them together digitally and print it on one large sheet.

We handle pretty much anything up to 36″ wide by as long as you need. We currently stock 36 inch wide paper in 20 and 24 pound weights.

Prices are as follows:

36″ 20 pound white – $0.30/sqft
36″ 24 pound coated white paper – $0.35/sqft

If you have a tiled plan that you want printed on one large sheet please email the file to and we will send you a quote. In all cases you need to provide us with your plan, or the URL to the site you want it downloaded from, your email address and any special instructions like enlarge to 102% of original. We will print your plan and ship to your door.

Wherever possible we ship printouts folded in a sturdy envelope starting at $5.00, if you prefer that your printout be rolled and shipped in a tube, the shipping charge starts at $10.00. We can combine multiple printouts in a tube to save you money on shipping.

Please provide your name, email, the URL where the plan resides and other required information below. We will email you a detailed quote within 24 hours. Have questions or already have the plan? Email us at